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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Big Brother Activity 4 

From Keith X

------------July 11

Saw your note about traffic apparently being down this year over last. That's not my experience. Last year the traffic didn't get really heavy until the infamous 'flower bikini' show, which was a couple of weeks into the show. So far there haven't been any incidents like that to really pull the casual fans into the loop. On my site, BBChatter.com, we're seeing about the same number of daily visitors as last year at this time.

A particular aspect you mentioned was the scroll rate, how many pages are filled by a day's posts. This year we're on a much more powerful server, and the page length is set for 240 posts. Last year the page length on my updates site was only half that. On the other hand, these houseguests haven't done much, there's not a lot to write about so far lol.

I'm feeling very comfortable about the traffic levels at this point in the show. I expect traffic and interest to peak in late August, when six or seven people are fighting for the last slots.