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Monday, July 14, 2003

Big Brother Activity 2 

Received this from Ryn - webmaster of I Love Reality and moderator at TV Clubhouse.

-----------------------July 10

This week we (tvch) are averaging about the same # of applications a
day as last year.

Not sure how the # of posts in the live feeds compares but you could compare
it by checking our current live feeds vs the TVCH archives I have posted for
BB I, II, and III

But just the # of posts won't compare the size of each - I have a feeling
posts may have gotten longer - with more content over the 4 years. And with
BBI of course we don't have the 1st few weeks of posts since we were on a
different site and they didn't archive, they just dropped off into never
never land.

Here is what is happening at TVClubhouse:

1st 2 days of BB3

Day 1 - 79 live feed posts
Day 2 - 176 live feed posts

1st 2 days of BB4

Day 1 - 76 live feed posts
Day 2 - 165 live feed posts