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Friday, July 25, 2003

Begging, Borrowing, Dealing 

Well I got some response on the question about donations and site costs!

From a webmaster who doesn't take donations:

I can only speak for my site, but here is my info.

I do not take donations, even if people WANT to give them to me. I never have, or never plan to. I don't even have advertisements/popups, etc.

I *currently* pay around $65/month for my site. If you multiply that by 4 for the Big Brother season, plus two weeks prior and after Big Brother, that totals at about $260 for the BB season. Plus I keep my site up all year, which is an additional $80/year. Plus the website name (whatever.com,) which is $10. And I have a couple of the houseguest names "dot com" which each cost some money.

As I said earlier, that is what I currently pay. You may have noticed that my site was down overnight last night due to me going over bandwidth. Therefore I had to upgrade my account (for the third time) since BB started.

Ok, now my input on sites taking donations. From what I have heard, most sites that do take donations do not make a profit, or if they do, it is not much. For example, BB4BBQ.com has started taking donations. You can see that they have raised $57 toward their site. So from what they have raised, it doesn't look like they're making any profit.

From a site that does take donations:

So far I have recieved $58 in donations. I have spent:

$8.95 - Main site
$17.90 - next year's site
4 X $8.95 - houseguest domains
$30.85 for 2 months (may/june) at my first host
$29.90 for 2 months (july/august) at my new host
$15 to cover the bandwidth used in a Denial of Service
For hosting all 5 sites until October it will be another $15.90, thanks to
the free hosting from BadJuJu.

Total: $154.30

From a site that takes donations and advertises:

My server costs me $40 a month & I have been up just over a year now. During the 3 months of Big Brother I get so much traffic that I far exceed my bandwith & MySQL so I have to pay more money. Last year I was paying an extra $200 on top of the $40 a month. I had a donation thing up on my site since it began & never got a penny.

So now I was advised to put these popup things on my site where I get a penny a click or something like that. Since it went up on the first day of Big Brother, I have made $96. But remember, now I have to pay taxes on that as well. It is Day 6 of my new billing month & I am already at $81 in extra charges. I will be lucky to break even. Also don't forget I will be reimbursing 4 people for their feeds at the end of the season too.

I didn't start my site to make money. I have it cuz I enjoy the shows & need an oulet for my addiction. I refused to put ads on my site for a long time cuz I hate those things. But I was convinced that I should at least try to make what I put out.


So it seems this Big Brother thing isn't too profitable for some. Is anyone making any money off of it? I bet someone is!