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Sunday, June 15, 2003

What's The Deal With BigBrotherStation? 

I was checking out We Love Big Brother and found the following:

"On June 1st, 2003, WeLoveBigBrother.com decided to break its partnership with BigBrotherStation.com. This decision was made due to false information being made by the other partner site. We would like to apologize for statements made from our partner site.

BigBrotherStation was a partnership between two Big Brother sites. Our site as well as BigBrotherNation.com decided to create one site. WeLoveBigBrother.com is now running by itself"

Trying to go to either bigbrotherstation.com or bigbrothernation.com brought me directly back to the welovebigbrother site.

I noticed that they were doing some stuff with BB4 BBQ, so I went and took a look there. BB4BBQ had a short story on the breakup, with little information except that one of the webmasters of Big Brother Station backed out and took all the good stuff with them.

If anyone knows any other info on this breakup, please e-mail me at realityenquirer@wildmail.com