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Monday, June 30, 2003

Tangled Webs 

I have had a few people write me declaring that the person that runs RealityTrash.com, Reality411.com, and BB4BBQ.com are all the same person and they are out to destroy the world. Well I have followed these sites for a while and looked into this, and here is the definitive answer - NO WAY!

The owner of reality411.com and realitytrash.com is the same person. She goes by the name Heylollylolly and CreditDiva (check out creditdiva.com). Essentially she looks for domain names she can link to her credit business to make money.

The original Reality411.com was one of the hottest reality websites on the net, run by a person named Kristiii. Kristiii had an argument with her host, who was supposedly hosting the site for free, or a minimal amount, and the host, SendAGig.com booted her off his servers and sold the domain name (he had it registered with his credit card) to CreditDiva. At first it was obviously used to point people to her creditdiva.com site.

Reality Trash was a site somewhat like this, run by some crazy that faked their death online. Its original address was realitytrash.5u.com (it still exists). After the fateful announcement, it didn't take long for Credit Diva to register the realitytrash.com domain name, and once again point people to her credit business.

A little bit of research in the public domain shows she is actually from Gulfport, MS and runs everything under a company called Storybook Group. Reality isn't her only game - supposedly she is a publisher, and there is a big scandal about how she purportedly stole the story of a blind man and published it and never paid him - see www.mikedanger.com for a very interesting story.

On the other hand, the person that runs BB4BBQ is someone known as Spamgirl, somewhat of an internet legend. At one time she owned spamgirl.com and had a reputation of crusading against spam, and more importantly against corporate retail injustice by organizing nationwide/worldwide denial of service attacks. She was also the owner of BanishKrista.com during BB3, and has been a member and/or moderator of TVClubhouse, Elites TV, and Jokers Updates, though it seems she has withdrawn from all three sites. Again a little bit of research in the public domain shows she is from Canada.

I have a little more recent evidence that I can't reveal that confirms this information. These two people are not the same, though I can't vouch that they haven't teamed up to destroy the world!