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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Stark: A Member Remembers 

One member of Jokers Updates remembers the reason Stark left Jokers:


From what I remember, something happened between Stark and Numfar, another moderator at Joker's. I think it had to do with the politics forum, they were going at it and Numfar used his moderator priviledges to do something, start a new forum or something like that. People complained and instead of punishing Numfar, who was clearly at fault, they took away Stark's moderatorship for being "problematic" and "causing trouble". This is Stark, the guy who completely supported Jokerette when she took over Joker's. Stark, who carried her along and helped the posters to accept her. Stark, without whom Jokers may not have survived.

So Stark realized they were using him and had no respect for him, and left. He is not the first moderator to leave because
of incidents like this at the site. You should hear the things people say in private messages and in their chat about each other - I'm surprised more people haven't left.


Doesn't look like things are all sweetness and light at Jokers.

Of course the big question becomes which website will snag Stark for Big Brother 4?