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Friday, June 13, 2003

Refugees From The Defunct Reality TV Fans 

It was with some dismay that I discovered one of my favorite sites, Reality TV Fans, had bit the dust.

This site was one of the leaders in delivering news about reality television. It had a strong writer base and a very active on-line community.

I noticed something was wrong when the headlines quit being updated. Soon after the site went through a transformation that was very hard to follow. It seems that Miss Mary, the owner and editor, decided to make a major physical move, and turned the site over to a friend or coworker named Lauren. Unfortunately all the software, server space, and know-how didn't seem to be part of the package.

Lauren looked like she was making a valiant effort to take over the site, but she didn't have the resources that Miss Mary had. Changing portal software and discussion board software seemed to be more than she could handle. The site soon cratered, and somehow the domain was picked up by Reality TV Links - transfering all requests to www.realitytvlinks.com. I believe this site is a subsidiary of the powerful SirLinksAlot family.

But not to despair - at least one of the members of the former site (Loner) did not want it to die, and created a new site - Reality TV Fans Refugees. Though it is still somewhat rough, and doesn't seem to have any where near the traffic and posters of the original - it is still alive with some of the old RTVF gang still around.