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Friday, June 20, 2003

Photo Wars of '03 

I don't know if any of you noticed the small battle waged recently concerning sites linking to photos on another site. You can find the story and see the photos on BB4 BBQ.

What we really understand happened was that photos that were posted on BB4 BBQ and We Love Big Brother showed up later on Reality News Live and Reality TV Planet. When confronted Reality News Live claimed that CBS sent them photos, when BB4BBQ & WeLoveBigBrother found them hours before, and in fact Reality News Live was linking back to the original photos.

Here is how we understand things unfolded:

The webmistress of BB4 BBQ found the photos on the CBS press site and told We Love Big Brother, and both sites posted them. The next morning WLBB finds the photos are being linked at the other two sites, BB4 BBQ says they should replace the images with the "bad sites steal bandwidth" image. She goes and takes screencaps of the offending sites with the new image in place, and puts a warning on the BBQ site telling the offenders to load the images to their own site - that they are stealing bandwidth.

RNL emails BBQ asking her to remove the images and screencaps, BBQ says she wants a public apology, which RNL says they will try. Supposedly RNL's goes down for 21 hours. When they are back up, they say they can't contact the poster, but please remove the images.

A thread is started on the Survivor Sucks boards, and a general Flame Fest ensues from both sides (this is an interesting read and I highly recommend it - other accusations are made). Someone on RNL starts a thread on that site calling the webmistress of BBQ everything from a slanderer to a bad cook. She posts and tells them to essentially die. Bashing continues then the thread disappears.

An article is posted about this on RealityTVChat.net (which I can't find). The battle moves to chatrooms, with lots of people causing trouble in the rooms. Someone comes in from RNL and apologizes, then everything is OK.

So that is the story the way I heard it. Seems everything is back to normal, but there are probably some animosities still lingering.